Bring a napkin sketch or an idea.  We can help you turn your idea into something real.  We can create artist renderings using Industrial Design, Ergonomics studies and help your idea express itself through a picture when words just won't do.  We can help create a specification and outline a plan to create your product including investigations for regulatory needs,  risk factors, budgetary requirements, and technical challenges.

Ok, now you have an idea. Let's get it a little closer to reality.  We can create a design...Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Firmware, Graphic Design.  We can identify existing parts and create ones that don't to make something that works for your budget and your longer term development plans.


Now you have a design.  Let's make something to show, test, and play with.  Start with 1 maybe ramp up to 3. Let's make sure this is what you want.  Look for holes or opportunities for improvements.  Show your investors. We can do that for you.  Metal, plastic, harnesses, electronics, code, etc.

Your idea is a good one.  It is something special.  Let's patent or copyright the special.  Maybe we can help you with a strategy to license and make money.  Maybe we can help you avoid duplicating something that is already out there.  It's your idea and it's a good one.  Let's protect the value. We can do that.

Your first idea was great but look what you learned. Maybe the customers clued you in to an enhancement, maybe your volume needs to increase, maybe you just plain want more profit.  We can help you do that.